Completed Rockfall Barriers and Accessories

Active Rockfall Barrier System

Active rockfall barrier system is covered the mountains and slopes to prevent stones or rocks from falling down to the road.

Galvanized Wire Rope Net

Galvanized wire rope net, made of corrosion resistant steel wires ropes can be used in the mountains and slopes as rockfall barriers.

PVC Coated Wire Rope Net

PVC coated wire rope net is commonly used with PVC coated chain link fence to protect people and properties' safe by blocking the natural hazards.

Tecco Mesh

Tecco mesh, an important component of tecco slope stabilization system, is made of high tensile spring wire to protect people and slope safety.

Spider Spiral Rope Mesh

Spider spiral rope mesh with three strands high tensile wire has higher load capacity than the tecco meshes in rockfall barrier applications.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh with corrosion resistant material and high tensile strength is widely used to defend natural hazard and protect people and properties.

Passive Rockfall Barrier System

Passive rockfall barrier system, including steel wire rope net and steel ring net is installed bottom of the mountains or slopes to blocks the rockfalls.

Steel Wire Ring Net

Steel wire ring net with high tensile steel wires and solid structure is widely used in the landslide or snow avalanche and other natural hazard.

Rockfall Barrier Accessory

Rockfall barrier accessories, including steel wire rope anchor, supporting rope, decompression ring supply loading capacity and stability to rockfall barriers.