PVC Coated Wire Rope Net - Environmental Friendly and High Strength

The PVC coated wire rope net and chain link fence is covering the stone mountain.
PCWN-01: Green color of PVC coated wire rope net can make the slope more beautiful.

PVC coated wire rope net has the similar function with the galvanized wire rope net, which is commonly used for reduce the damage caused by the natural hazard to the people or properties' safe. With high tensile strength and completed component, the PVC coated wire rope is widely used in the slopes, mountains and other places need to protect. It can also decorate the surrounding environments and dull mountains. It make the mountain more beautiful.


  • PVC coated wire rope net.
  • Chain link fence. The chain link fence is made of PVC coated galvanized steel wire.
  • Wire rope anchor.
  • Supporting rope.
  • Sewing rope.
A roll of PVC coated chain link fence on the ground.
PCWN-02: Chain link fence.
several rolls of PVC coated wire rope net on he ground.
PCWN-03: PVC coated rope net.


  • PVC coated wire rope net
    1. Material: steel wire rope.
    2. Surface. Hot dipped galvanized.
    3. Zinc coating weight: ≥ 150 g/m2.
    4. Wire diameter: 8 mm.
    5. Mesh shape: rhombus.
    6. Mesh size: 30 cm × 30 cm.
    7. Roll size: 4 m × 4 m, 4.5 m × 4.5 m.
  • Chain link fence
    1. Wire diameter: 2.0 mm or 2.2 mm.
    2. Hole size: 50 mm × 50 mm.
    3. Roll size: 2 m × 20 m.
  • Anchors
    1. Diameter: 25 mm × 28 mm.
  • Anchor bearing plate
    1. Whole size: 320 mm × 170 mm, 320 mm × 180 mm.
  • Boundary rope/ supporting rope
    1. Rope diameter: 12 mm or 16 mm.
  • Sewing rope
    1. Rope diameter: 8 mm.


  • The PVC coated wire rope net has high tensile strength to bear the high impact from the natural hazard, including landslide, debris flow and snow avalanche. It can protect people and properties' safe.
  • The PVC coated wire rope net is environmental friendly. The green color of PVC coated wire rope net and the chain link fence can blend with surrounding environments and make the mountain or slope more beautiful.
  • The inner wire of PVC coated wire rope net is hot dipped galvanized, which has outstanding chemical stability, the PVC coating can also resist the corrosion and rust. It can maintain good condition even in the harsh environments.
The PVC coated rope net system is covering the slope and several plants grow between the gap.
PCWN-04: The PVC coated wire rope net is economical friendly.
The PVC coated wire rope net is fastened by the brass color buckle.
PCWN-05: The Buckle is solid and high strength to fasten the PVC coated wire rope.


  • The PVC coated wire rope net has excellent adaptability, it can be used in various environments and terrains. It can be used in the soil, stones and other slopes.
  • The PVC coated wire rope can block landslide, debris flow, snow avalanche and other natural hazard.
  • It can also be used to reinforce the boulder stone and collapse rocks. It can protect the people and properties' safe.


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