Rockfall Barriers Protect People and Properties' Safe

Reco rockfall barrier limited has more than 20 years of experience in producing and researching rockfall barriers. If your project is close to the mountain or at the unstable terrain, which may cause landslide, debris flow, you may need the rockfall barriers. We can supply you all kinds of rockfall barriers, including active system and passive system. You can refer to the follow products and choose the perfect one.

High strength, strong toughness, anti-impact and durable rockfall barriers for your projects and customers

  • A piece of tecco mesh is covering the mountain with several plants on the mountain.

    Tecco mesh

    • Chain link meshes for simplest structure.
    • High carbon steel wire for high strength.
    • Knotted ended is solid and durable.
  • Steel ring net

    • High carbon steel wire circle structure.
    • 4 points or 6 points connection.
    • Chain link mesh or hexagonal wire mesh combination.
    Steel ring net is raised on the mountain
  • Galvanized steel wire rope is covering the mountain besides of the railway.

    Galvanized steel wire rope net

    • Hot dipped surface for corrosion resistance.
    • Steel wire rope has high tensile strength.
    • Active and passive system applications.
  • Spider spiral rope mesh is covering the mountain and a flower grow between the gap

    Spider spiral rope mesh

    • 3 strand high carbon steel wire design.
    • Double layer design for higher efficiency.
    • Plant growth guarantee.
  • PVC coated steel wire rope net

    • Excellent corrosion resistance performance.
    • PVC coating to decorate mountain and blend with environments.
    • Chain link fence for small stones prevention.
    Green PVC coated wire rope is covering the mountain.
  • Hexagonal wire mesh is covering the mountain besides of the culvert.

    Hexagonal wire mesh

    • Earth spraying available.
    • Hot dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance.
    • Double twisted structure for high loading capacity.

Strict quality controlling system

With so many kinds of rockfall barrier system, our products are popular with all our customers all over the world. But only the completed products are not enough to set up the trust for our customers, we have strict quality controlling system to ensure the qualified products and gain trust of our customers, how we achieve it, find the answer in the following

  • Raw material inspect

    Mill certificate and test report.
    Inspect again before production.

  • Production operating controlling

    Worker systematacially training.
    Improve efficiency and accuracy.
    Reduce production loss.

  • Products testing standard

    Sampling during production.
    Lot by lot inspection after production.

  • Stock storage principle

    Dry and ventilated.
    Perfect packed stocks.
    Tidy and order storage.

  • Inspection before loading

    Products properties inspection.
    Package integrity inspection.

  • After-service flow

    Installation problems to technology department.
    Quality problems to sales department.

If you are interested our products, just contact us via, we will reply you as soon as possible.


Active Rockfall Barrier System

Active rockfall barrier system is covered the mountains and slopes to prevent stones or rocks from falling down to the road.

Galvanized Wire Rope Net

Galvanized wire rope net, made of corrosion resistant steel wires ropes can be used in the mountains and slopes as rockfall barriers.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh with corrosion resistant material and high tensile strength is widely used to defend natural hazard and protect people and properties.

Passive Rockfall Barrier System

Passive rockfall barrier system, including steel wire rope net and steel ring net is installed bottom of the mountains or slopes to blocks the rockfalls.

Case Study



High strength products and cosiderate service

The spider spiral rope mesh is really perfect. It is high strength to be installed on the mountains. The service is considerate, which send the installation instructions to us along with the products.

head portrait
Richel France

Corrosion reistance and impact resistance

The steel ring net is installed besides the seawater, where has a dangerous slope. The steel ring net is impact resistance in the corrosive salty environments.

head portrait
Michael Germany